Marilyn was the first to join the day ForeverGreen opened its doors for business in 2004. Prior to ForeverGreen, Marilyn had a close professional relationship with CEO and Founder Ron Williams. He entrusted her as the first distributor of the company to be the instigator and pioneer to officially begin establishing the field leadership. Overcoming every obstacle of a start up, Marilyn forged through year-after-year achieving top company earner and was awarded ‘Distributor of the Year’ numerous years in a row. 

T.E.A.M. Connections  has attracted like-minded people who are authentic, enthusiastic, open to learning and determined to accomplish great things. People who dream with big potential futures and choose to grow will discover all they can be. Great success, accomplishments, and miracles are brought about through the power of this principle and the people on our team. As we work and play together in life, each person a part of your “team” becomes an intricate piece of who you are. It is when we come together, incredible things can happen!

As Sarah and Marilyn merged together in business, it was instant alignment. Since integrating their skills, talents, dedication, and passion, they have become innovators whose individual styles have strongly influenced the direction of leadership, business, relationships, health and the new age of network marketing. Their business partnership has developed a successful corporation expanding throughout several countries worldwide.