6 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

6 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs | CM Connect Blog

Being an entrepreneur ripe out of University, I knew I needed to hang out and learn from other successful entrepreneurs who were making it happen, one of them being my mom. Starting a business is one thing, but actually succeeding for years is another. Looking back, it’s been a journey as we discovered success. We uncovered several recurring themes that contributed to our success as entrepreneurs. 

1. Consistency

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. It’s a simple concept, but not being consistent is the #1 biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make. Being consistent will help you establish trust, loyalty and build momentum in your business. The tasks feel easy when your business is brand new, but once the “honeymoon” stage wears off, the habit of consistency will in fact continue fuelling your business forward.

2. Don’t Give into Fear

Fear can be a major road block to your success. Many of our fears are discovered as we step into new territory. I have learned you have two options when you're faced with a fear: 1) feed the fear by believing it’s true, or 2) neutralize the emotion and simply practice moving through it. Can it be that easy? If you train your mind to focus on what drives you to be successful rather than the fear itself, you will win. In the end only one will win. Will it be your fear or your future?

3. Celebrate the Little Things

Too often we get wrapped up in the craziness of our business and we forget to celebrate the little successes we have each day, week, or month. The little successes are as important as the big ones, because they come more frequently and contribute to the big milestones. Acknowledging the little successes along the way helps you recognize the progress you're making, which is key to performance and drive. I celebrate when I have personal breakthroughs such as stepping on stage to speak to a crowd. This was not an overnight skill developed (especially not for me) however I’m conscious of my progress and celebrate each time I do it.

4. Perspective

Most days it can feel like our lives and the rest of the world revolves around our business. Facing challenges is expected. There are some elements you have control over, but many you do not. Remove yourself for focusing on the daily trials and struggles. There are peaks and valleys in every business…that’s reality. The practice is learning to be flexible and make changes quickly, as needed along the way. Look for progress, not perfection.

5. Execute

Many entrepreneurs have great intentions and goals but they lack follow-through. In fact, 80% never reach their target because they fail at execution. Execution done right is a disciplined process of being organized and setting priorities to make a strategy work. 

6. Ditch the Perfectionist

Without knowing, many of us fall under the spell of perfectionism striving to succeed. I know this archetype well because I was once a professional perfectionist. I never flourished in that mindset though because my standards were always unreachable. Striving to be “perfect” actually takes you further from the results you’re aiming for. Leaving no room for mistakes, you employ an all-or-nothing approach. These work habits could be at the expense of your business and life. I now see perfectionism as being rigid. Rigid stuff breaks easily. Nevertheless, continue working with high standards, while focusing on completing tasks. Ditching perfectionism will bring you more peace of mind and allow you to be more productive in the end.