Network Marketing may be the perfect solution to create or increase your income.

It’s a well known fact that network marketing (NWM) is the most legit, fastest growing home based business opportunity of our time. The industry of mlm or direct sales generates:

  • $178 billion global annual revenue
  • $71 billion annual commissions earnings
  • 85% of people report having good or excellent experiences with a network marketing company
  • Network marketing has created more millionaires than any other profession in history

'I was the type of person that could not be handcuffed to a 9-5 job. AND I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom (when I had kids). Building a network marketing business made the most sense for my future goals.”

Sarah Alvarado


'When Sarah decided to go to a prestigious design school in the US, I needed to earn an extra $2000/month to support her dream. What business/job could give you a pay raise?”

Marilyn Stewart


“I’m blessed to stay home with my 1 year old daughter each day, watch her grow, be there when she needs me, and create an environment for her to flourish. A mom’s dream come true.” - Sarah Alvarado

Sarah Alvarado


“It’s much more than the money. The reward of seeing your team members accomplish their dreams … fulfills my dreams.”

Marilyn Stewart


Why is Network Marketing SO Successful?

Traditional business requires thousands even millions in capital to start your business. The risk was immeasurable.

This NEW business model (NWM) made sense to people who were independent, creative, wanted more freedom, and who saw their life with more options and opportunities.

So why is it viewed as one of the MOST BRILLIANT business models for entrepreneurs or supplemental income?

  • Low Start Up Cost
  • No prerequisites, degree or experience needed
  • Leverages your time 
  • Residual Income opportunity
  • International Business options
  • Tax Advantages
  • Freedom from a 9-5 job
  • Team Support and community
  • Professional and Personal Development
  • Ongoing Training, skill development

Creating a home with FGX

We get Paid to Change the World

There are several obvious benefits of NWM, however the missing piece by most companies is focusing on the PEOPLE…truly the greatest commodity and product we have.

It’s about the People…period.

The culture of ForeverGreen is centred around people and humanity from the beginning. It’s one of the main reasons we have partner with them since 2004 and the reason ForeverGreen maintains its steady growth.

When the focus naturally moves away from just “selling” products and gives value to the people behind the products, change can occur!

Make a Life vs. Make a Living

When you build it right, with the right team and mentorship, you create a solid residual “forever” income that can continue to grow at an extraordinary rate your grandchildren can rely on.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”

Robert Kiyosaki

Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

Partner With Us

We’re looking for selected individuals to partner with us, who want to take action and create the extraordinary life they are meant to live.

We will take you under our wings and teach you how to build a thriving residual-income-based business using the exact steps and the vehicle we’ve used.

Creating a Home with FGXpress

FGXpress, powered by ForeverGreen, is a revolutionary business-building model that allows anyone to leverage the global economy. With unique, effective products that can ship to any country, the opportunities for building your business with FGXpress are limitless!

Known for timeless health products - no fads or trends -FGXpress leads the NWM global market with a 3 envelope product model that is highly consumable and ships worldwide. Our business is supported by a catalog of high-quality, yet affordable products that promote health and wellness.

As 2 of the top income earners of FGXpress, we have experienced first hand the company’s proven commitment to a long-term business plan, where residual income and wealth-building of its’ leadership team is the most important objective.

5 reason FGXpress is rapidly advancing in the industry

  • Global Shipping and Marketing: You can literally take your business to almost any country in the world.
  • High Impact Products: Already influencing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, our 3 lead products PowerStrips, BeautyStrips, and SolarStrips are the core foundation to creating a rock-solid business that make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Timing is in your Favor: Since FGXpress recently launched, your ability to begin at the ground floor of this opportunity can position you. 
  • Highest Payout in the Industry: FGXpress believes in paying its members a whopping 62% to move money and commodities around the world at record pace.
  • Experienced Team of Professionals: We are lead by the most sought-after executive team in the industry having previous experience building companies to a billion dollar annual sales.


Marilyn and Sarah want to show you how to build a profitable home-based business that you love. 
The world need you and your passion!